Winsley Wolf is a 2018-introduced and all-around character. Her companion is a wolf named Trooper.


Winsley's voice actress is Polly Eachus.



Winsley is quiet, observant and respectful of the world around her.


Winsley Wolf has grey skin with blue eyes and pink lips. She has face paint with a black nose and whiskers. She has blue hair, a wolf tail, and wolf ears with a yellow flower in it. Winsley Wolf wears a purple bodice with a blue Peter Pan collar and a lime green bow. She has a blue skirt with a moon and tree pattern. Purple wolf paw shoes complete the look. 


  • October 2017: Winsley's doll is first revealed on a website called Dingsda 
  • June 2018: Winsley Wolf's debut doll is released. 
  • August 31, 2018: Winsley Wolf makes her animated debut in Tale of the Always Frozen Ice Cream.