It's the anniversary of Preena and Jayla's arrival in Wonderwood, and everyone's celebrating. But the other enchantimals tell their versions of the penguins' arrival...each conflicts with the others!


Preena and Jayla are setting up the ice cream truck preparing for another hot day. After waiting for customers for a few seconds, the enchantimals pop out saying happy anniversary to them. Confused, they asked what the anniversary was about. Felicity states that anniversary was about their arrival to Wonderwood. Patter, who was still living in Junglewood at the time, is curious to know about her backstory.


  1. Preena Penguin
  2. Jayla
  3. Bree Bunny
  4. Twist
  5. Danessa Deer
  6. Sprint
  7. Felicity Fox
  8. Flick
  9. Patter Peacock
  10. Flap
  11. Sage Skunk
  12. Caper
  13. Merit Monkey
  14. Compass




  • This episode shows how Preena and Jayla first arrived to Wonderwood.
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