Taylee Turtle is a 2017-introduced and doll-only character. Her companion is a turtle named Bounder.



Taylee doesn't move nearly as fast as she speaks, especially when she gets excited. She's always happy to lend a hand—just give her a task and she'll get it done. Just make sure the task you're giving her doesn't need to get done right away.


The skin, nose included, is mint with spots of aquamarine on her forehead to resemble scales. The eyebrows are aquamarine too, the eyes blue, and the lips salmon. The teal hair is in a side part just above the left eye and hangs loose down her hips. The bodice consists of a red-lined collar, a yellow chest area, and an aquamarine-yellow tube top. The tube portion features turtle shell-inspired hexagons arranged in such a way as to evoke ripples. Three different blue, pink, red, and yellow flowers complement the pattern. Unlike most dolls, Taylee does not wear a skirt, but shorts. The band is red, while most of the rest is light blue and with an orderly pattern of hexagons in mint and white. Flowers that use the same colors as those on the bodice but with more variety in shape cover the pattern. Taylee wears hot pink pumps with two straps and molded hot pink, calf-high socks. The structure of the shoes is again inspired by turtle shells. She also comes with a light pink biking helmet with a turtle shell-inspired pattern on it. Yellow and pink flowers are on the right side of the helmet. 


  • Mid June, 2017: Taylee Turtle's debut doll is released.