It's Fashion Week and Patter and Flap are rushing to finish their designs. But when Tamika & Burst try to help by tidying up, they go too far and tidy up all the designs!


Patter and Flap are designing outfits for Junglewood Fashion Week. They hear their doorbell ring, and Patter rushes to answer. But when she opens the door, they don't find anyone. They shut the door only for the doorbell to ring again. She opens the door once more and still sees no one, but starts to hear giggling. Tamika and Burst appear in front of them which startles Patter. Surprised to see them, Tamika asks if they arrived at a bad time. Patter says it's fine and let's Tamika and Burst into her house. Tamika is amazed at the outfits Patter made and her bouquet of flowers called "swamp lilies" that are the main focus of the outfits. Flap picks up a piece of fabric to see a clock underneath and notices that they're gonna be late. Tamika and Burst want to help out but Patter insists she'll finish it up by herself and Flap. Tamika says to Burst that they seem stressed out and that they'll clean the place up so they can finish faster.

After cleaning up, they appear in front of Patter surprising her, which makes Patter less than happy. She says that's how they work, and describes the clutter as not a mess but "creative chaos". Patter tells her that Tamika and Burst should get some food at her kitchen nearby. After finishing their food, they want to surprise the peacocks with lunch as well. Patter and Flap are almost done with their outfits until they notice a plate of sandwiches wondering where it came from. Tamika and Burst appear before her which causes Patter to knock down the mannequins and the pot of swamp lies to fly into the sandwiches. Furious, Patter tells Tamika there will be no more surprises, and Tamika and Burst disappear. Patter finishes cleaning up when she hears the door bell ring. Tamika and Burst are covered in mud holding swamp lilies so Patter can put them on her outfits, which are now finally completed.


  1. Patter Peacock
  2. Flap
  3. Tamika Tree Frog
  4. Burst



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