Starling Starfish is a 2017-introduced and toy-only character. Her companions are two starfishes named Idyl and Rypple.



Starling is a natural entertainer and has her own stage by the sea.


Starling has pastel yellow skin with green eyes, brown eyebrows, and pink lips. She has blue bubbles around her eyes and has two orange starfishes under her left eye. Her pink hair parts above her right eye and down to her knees. She has no animal ears or tail. She wears a molded-on pink bodice with strings of pearls on it. There are pink shells down the middle of the bodice with blue bubbles between them. She wears an orange rubber starfish skirt. Starling wears red open-toe shoes with starfishes on the front of the shoes and pearls at the top. She has a painted on pearl necklace and a headband made out of shells with a starfish on top.


  • December 2017: Starling Starfish's debut doll is released.