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"Secrets of Snowy Valley" is the third TV special produced for the Enchantimals cartoon series. It's main setting is at Snowy Valley (location).

A Snow Valley (doll assortment) line featuring dolls and playsets from the special was released in summer 2020.


Pristina Polar Bear embarks on a harrowing search for her missing Bestie, Glacier, which leads her to Snowy Valley. There, a freak hot cocoa factory accident threatens to destroy the endangered Key Glacier and Snowy Valley. In an effort to save the glacier, Pristina and her friends venture deep into the glacier's interior where they discover ancient magical secrets about the origins of Everwilde, Besties, and much, much more!


  • It's revealed that when an Enchantimal is separated from their bestie for so long, the bestie will turn into a scary beast and that is what’s happened to Pristina and Glacier.