When Merrit Monkey gets an emergency message from an old rival from her childhood, Cherish Cheetah, Merrit and her bestie, Compass, head out (with felicity/Flick) to Grazy Grasslands (the Savanna). When they get there, they find Cherish's bestie, Quick-Quick, suffering from a bad case of hiccupitis that only the rare Savanna Banana can cure.



  1. Felicity Fox
  2. Flick
  3. Bree Bunny
  4. Twist
  5. Sage Skunk
  6. Caper
  7. Patter Peacock
  8. Flap
  9. Danessa Deer
  10. Sprint
  11. Merit Monkey
  12. Compass
  13. Cherish Cheetah
  14. Quick-Quick




  • It's revealed that ever since Cherish and Merit are young, Cherish runs around Merit, making her dizzy and Cherish calls Merit a whirly-girl.
  • Quick-Quick flicks her tail when she got hiccupitis.
  • Someone gets injured or sick while using enchantments from the Book of Enchantments.
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