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Sage Skunk is a 2017-introduced and all-around character. Her companion is a skunk named Caper.


Her English voice actress is Rebecca Shoichet. But in Enchantimals: Tales From Everwilde, she is voiced by Rachel Butera.



Sage is optimistic, funny and a prankster.


Sage Skunk has purple skin with purple eyes, grey eyebrows, a black nose, and pink lips. She has a half-shaven head with black and white hair. She has a furry tail and skunk ears with a pink flower in one of them. Sage wears a black bodice with a white line down it with a floral design. She wears a black bolero with pink flowers. Her skirt has a black background with a floral design. She wears black boots with a white stripe down the shoes and has a furry texture at the top.