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The Royals doll series was released in 2021 and is a fantasy-themed line that features fantastical creatures. The characters reside in Royal Isle above Everwilde.

This line has 3 characters that do not follow the alliteration pattern matching first name to species.

  1. Alessandro Lion
  2. Ambrose Unicorn
  3. Falon Phoenix


Royal Enchantimal characters and playsets are featured in a webisode series called The Royal Enchantment Ceremony.


We meet new royal characters on Royal Isle.

Characters & Playsets

The line includes new royal themed designs for existing characters:

  1. Felicity Fox
  2. Bree Bunny
  3. Patter Peacock
  4. Danessa Deer

This line introduces new realistic characters and animals:

  1. Brystal Bunny
  2. Peola Pony
  3. Braylee Bear
  4. Bannon Bear
  5. Alessandro Lion
  6. Sarely Swan
  7. Fabrina Fox

This line also introduces new fantastical characters:

  1. Maura Mermaid
  2. Paolina Pegasus
  3. Falon Phoenix
  4. Deanna Dragon
  5. Ambrose Unicorn

Additionally, there are new 8 inch "Queen" dolls that are being released with this collection:

  1. Unity Unicorn
  2. Daviana Deer
  3. Paradise Peacock


Paolina Pegasus.jpg Maura Mermaid.jpg Falcon Phoenix.jpg Royal Multipack.jpg
Paolina Pegasus Maura Mermaid Falon Phoenix Royal Multipack
Brystal Bunny1.jpg Deanna Dragon.jpg Braylee Bear & Bannon Bear.jpg Peola Pony2.jpg
Brystal Bunny Deanna Dragon Braylee Bear & Bannon Bear Rolling Carriage & Peola Pony
Royal Ball Castle Playset.jpg Sarely Swan Grande Ballet.jpg Victorian Vanity.jpg
Royal Ball Castle Sarely Swan Fabrina Fox
Queen Daviana Deer Dressed Doll.jpg Queen Unity Dressed Doll.jpg Queen Paradise Dressed Doll.jpg
Queen Daviana Queen Unity Queen Paradise