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Raelin Raccoon is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character.



Raelin loves spending time in the outdoors and knows all the best spots to be one with nature.


Raelin has brown skin with hazel eyes, red lips, and a purple nose. Her makeup consists of a white patch near her mouth with freckles and whiskers and purple eyeshadow trimmed with white. Her purple hair is tied into a low ponytail around her raccoon ears. Her furry raccoon tail is attached on her back with purple stripes. Her outfit starts off with a molded-on hot pink bodice with a green Peter Pan collar with a green stripe down the middle of the bodice with a two pinecones on it and a blue flower in the middle. She has a removable pair of shorts with a pink elastic band and a map pattern of a forest against a white background and has a scalloped trim. Her footwear consists of hot pink hiking boots with molded-on hot pink socks and fur on top of the shoes. She has a teal hat with molded-on teal flowers and stitching details on the hat.


  • April 04, 2017: Mattel requests the trademark for Raelin Raccoon.
  • September 04, 2017: Raelin Raccoon's listing goes up on a few European websites, such as and, giving a first glimpse at her appearance.