Prue Panda is a 2017-introduced and doll-only character. Her companion is a panda named Nari.



Prue knows more about the secrets of the enchanted forest than anyone else, but she also has a tendency to speak in riddles making it difficult to understand what information she's actually giving you.


Prue's skin is all-white except for her black nose and two subtly darker patches around her eyes. She has a bob cut of black hair around her panda ears and bangs that almost cover the black eyebrows. The eyes are blue, the lips salmon, and she has a short white tail molded onto the back. The bodice has a turtleneck and is done in aquamarine with an argyle pattern. The lower lines of the pattern are white and the upper ones black. At each cross section of the black lines, either a paw print or a bow is located. At the top is a black pseudo-bow tie with a golden necklace from which a panda charm dangles underneath. The belt is hot pink with a pink lotus above. The skirt's main color is pink with a yellow undertone. Its print consists of aquamarine bamboo leaves, black, yellow, and hot pink paw prints, and white lotuses. Its trim is simple-cut. The look is augmented by a removable white fabric stole. She wears calf-high, hot pink boots with a white-and-black depiction of a panda face on the ankles. The faces lie atop bows and the bases of the boots are carved to a polka dot pattern. Hot pink flowers are molded onto her left ear.


  • Mid June, 2017: Prue Panda's debut doll is released.