All of the Enchantimals items manufactured by Mattel itself have one or two numbers on the back of the packaging, usually in the lower right corner. These numbers are the product numbers, which Mattel assigns to its products — whether they are related to Enchantimals, Monster High, Ever After High, or something different altogether — so that they can be systemized. In case of two numbers, the first is the assortment number and the second the model number. In case of only one number, it alone is both. All items that have the same assortment number are part of the same assortment.

The reason product numbers are interesting is similar to why trademarks are: they tell something about the franchise's development. By default, an assortment number is followed in order by its model numbers. For instance, the single pack assortment is DVH87 and divided in DVH88 & DVH89, DYC75 & DYC76, and FCG64 & FCG65, meaning that its six dolls were thought up in pairs in three stages and that Bree Bunny and Felicity Fox were the first characters designed for the franchise.

Because the product numbers by default are ordered, irregularities in the order of the product numbers indicate changes of plans up until shortly before production was started. Enchantimals had such a case at launch with the small theme pack series being FCC62 while its first entry is FCC64: Paws for a Picnic w/ Bren Bear. FCC63 thus is missing and according to Amazon and EANdata belonged to a duck enchantimal.

Other oddities to keep in mind when looking at product numbers is that sometimes international versions of the dolls have different ones from the USAmerican versions.


Type 1
  • Reg = Regular
  • OnEx = Online Exclusive
Type 2
  • [X]Ass = Assortment containing [X] items
Type 3
  • Ass = Assortment
  • [X]D = [X]-pack of dolls or fashions
  • [X]P = Playset with [X] dolls


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-6Ass-Ass 2017 DVH87 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 DVH88 Single packs Bree Bunny
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 DVH89 Single packs Felicity Fox
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2017 DVH91 Large playsets Café Accessory
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 DYC75 Single packs Sage Skunk
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 DYC76 Single packs Patter Peacock
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 DYC77 Single packs Cat enchantimal
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2017 FCC62 Small theme packs Assortment
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FCC63 Small theme packs Duck enchantimal
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FCC64 Small theme packs Paws for a Picnic w/ Bren Bear
Reg-2Ass-1D 2017 FCC65 Small playsets Built for Two w/ Taylee Turtle
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FCG63 Single packs #3 enchantimal
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FCG64 Single packs Karina Koala
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FCG65 Single packs Lorna Lamb
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FCG74 Small theme packs Assortment
Reg-2Ass-1D 2017 FCG76 Small theme packs The Mane Tamers w/ Liora Lion
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FCG78 Small theme packs Sleepover Night Owls w/ Ohana Owl
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FCG79 Small theme packs Let's Flamingle w/ Fanci Flamingo
Reg-2Ass-1D 2017 FCG93 Small playsets Fruit Cart w/ Merit Monkey
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2017 FCG94 Large playsets Playhouse Panda Set w/ Prue Panda
Reg-1Ass-2D 2017 FDG01 Large theme packs Garden Magic w/ Danessa Deer, Fluffy Bunny
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2017 FJH11 Small playsets Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FJJ20 Single packs Cherish Cheetah
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FJJ21 Single packs Peeki Parrot
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FJJ22 Single packs Hixby Hedgehog
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FJJ28 Small theme packs Baking Buddies w/ Petya Pig
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FJJ29 Small theme packs Campfire w/ Raelin Raccoon
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2017 FKV54 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FKV55 Single packs Dolce Dolphin
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FKV56 Single packs Clarita Clownfish
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FKV57 Single packs Jessa Jellyfish
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2017 FKV58 Small theme packs Assortment
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FKV59 Small theme packs Starling Starfish
Reg-3Ass-1D 2017 FKV60 Small theme packs Cameo Crab
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2017 FKV61 Large playsets Seahorse Carriage w/ Sandella Seahorse
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2017 FKY58 Large playsets Wheel Frozen Treats w/ Preena Penguin
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2017 FKY72 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FKY73 Single packs Ekaterina Elephant
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FKY74 Single packs Gillian Giraffe
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FKY75 Single packs Zelena Zebra
On-1Ass-3D 2017 FMG18 Three packs Friendship Set w/ Patter Peacock, Lorna Lamb, Bree Bunny
Reg-1Ass-1D 2017 FMT61 Single packs Sancha Squirrel
Reg-4Ass-Ass 2017 FNH22 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-6D 2017 FNR86 Six packs Friendship Collection w/ Lorna Lamb, Bree Bunny, Felicity Fox, Merit Monkey, Patter Peacock, Sage Skunk


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-6Ass-Ass 2017 DVH87 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2017 FCC62 Small theme packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2017 FKY42 Single packs Assortment
Reg-5Ass-Ass 2017 FNH22 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FNH23 Single packs Danessa Deer
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH38 Single packs Saffi Swan
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH39 Single packs Tanzie Tiger
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH40 Single packs Winsley Wolf
Reg-2Ass-1D 2018 FRH41 Small theme packs Rockin' Drumset w/ Sage Skunk
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH42 Single packs Lluella Llama
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2018 FRH44 Large playsets Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH45 Large playsets Playground Adventures w/ Felicity Fox
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH46 Large playsets Dreamy Bedroom w/ Bren Bear
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH47 Large playsets Kitchen Fun w/ Bree Bunny
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH49 Large playsets Garden Gazebo w/ Patter Peacock
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2018 FRH50 Large playsets Cozy Deer House w/ Danessa Deer
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2018 FRH51 Huggable Cuties Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH52 Huggable Cuties Bree Bunny
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH53 Huggable Cuties Felicity Fox
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRH54 Huggable Cuties Danessa Deer
Reg-1Ass-3D 2018 FRH55 Ballet Cuties Bree Bunny, Preena Penguin, Lorna Lamb
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRT77 Single packs Prue Panda
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2018 FRT79 Swimwear Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRT80 Swimwear Petya Pig
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRT81 Swimwear Fluffy Bunny
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2018 FRT87 Fashion Fun Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRT88 Fashion Fun Patter Peacock
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FRT89 Fashion Fun Cherish Cheetah
Reg-2Ass-1D 2018 FRT94 Small playsets Dessert Cart w/ Bren Bear
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2018 FRT96 Large playsets Frozen Treats Truck w/ Preena Penguin, Pawbry Polar Bear
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FTN35 Swimwear Danessa Deer
Reg-1Ass-4D 2018 FTN36 Four packs Happy Friends Collection w/ Blyss Bunny, Sage Skunk, Fanci Flamingo, Danessa Deer
Reg-1Ass-6D 2018 FTN37 Six packs Natural Friends Collection w/ Liora Lion, Hixby Hedgehog, Patter Peacock, Felicity Fox, Peeki Parrot, Cherish Cheetah
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2018 FWC56 Small playsets Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM71 Single packs Felicity Fox
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM72 Single packs Sage Skunk
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM73 Single packs Bree Bunny
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM74 Single packs Patter Peacock
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM75 Single packs Danessa Deer
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM76 Single packs Mayla Mouse
Red-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM77 Single packs Cailey Cow
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2018 FVJ76 Single packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FVJ77 Single packs Bree Bunny
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FVJ78 Single packs Preena Penguin
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FVJ79 Single packs Lorna Lamb
Reg-3Ass-3D 2018 FVJ80 Three packs Picnic in the Park w/ Danessa Deer, Bren Bear, Merit Monkey
Reg-3Ass-3D 2018 FVJ81 Three packs Multi-Playset and Doll Bundle w/ Kitchen Cuties w/ Bree Bunny, Caring Vet w/ Danessa Deer, Art Studio w/ Felicity Fox
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2018 FXM86 Bug Buddies Assortment
Reg-1Ass-2D 2018 FXM87 Bug Buddies Ladelia Ladybug, Baxi Butterfly
Reg-1Ass-2D 2018 FXM88 Bug Buddies Beetrice Bee, Cay Caterpillar
Reg-1Ass-2D 2018 FXM89 Bug Buddies Dara Dragonfly, Saxon Snail
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2018 FXM96 Small playsets Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM97 Small playsets Beehive Bedroom w/ Beetrice Bee
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM98 Small playsets Teeny Kitchen w/ Ladelia Ladybug
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 FXM99 Small playsets Cocoon Bathroom w/ Baxi Butterfly
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 GBX03 Small theme packs Art Studio w/ Felicity Fox
Reg-1Ass-1D 2018 GBX04 Small theme packs Caring Vet w/ Danessa Deer
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2018 GBX08 Large playsets Butterfly Clubhouse w/ Baxi Butterfly
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2018 GCT42 Large playsets Slo-Mo Camper w/ Saxon Snail


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2017 FCC62 Small theme packs Assortment
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2019 FRT95 Large playsets Farmers' Market w/ Petya Pig
Reg-1Ass-1D 2019 GFN42 Junglewood Fanci Flamingo
Reg-1Ass-1D 2019 GFN43 Junglewood Tamika Tree Frog
Reg-1Ass-1D 2019 GFN44 Junglewood Larissa Lemur
Reg-2Ass-1D 2019 GFN54 Junglewood Slow-down Salon w/ Sela Sloth
Reg-2Ass-1D 2019 GFN55 Junglewood Smilin' Dentist w/ Andie Alligator
Reg-2Ass-1D 2019 GFN56 Junglewood Hedda Hippo
Reg-2Ass-1D 2019 GFN57 Junglewood Tadley Tiger
Reg-1Ass-1D 2019 GFN58 Junglewood Junglewood Boat w/ Merit Monkey
Reg-1Ass-1D 2019 GFN59 Junglewood Junglewood Café w/ Peeki Parrot
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2019 GLD41 Wonderwood Tasty Tea Party w/ Bree Bunny, Patter Peacock
Reg-1Ass-Ass 2019 GJX23 Harvest Hills Barnyard Nursery w/ Haydie Horse
Reg-13Ass-1D 2019 GJX39 Harvest Hills Redward Rooster
Reg-13Ass-1D 2019 GJX40 Harvest Hills Ciesta Cat


Type Year Number Line Item



  • [X]Ass = Assortment containing [X] items

pe 3

  • Ass = Assortment
  • [X]P = Pack of [X] plushies
  • [X]F = Pack of [X] figurines
  • [X]T = Pack of [X] toys
  • [X]M = Pack of [X] merchandise


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-31Ass-Ass 2020 GJX24 Animal Friends Assortment
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GJX25 Animal Friends Sheeny
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GJX26 Animal Friends Tuft
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GJX27 Animal Friends Nari
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GJX28 Animal Friends Dab
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GJX29 Animal Friends Compass
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH33 Animal Friends Caper
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH34 Animal Friends Sprint
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH35 Animal Friends Flap
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH36 Animal Friends Flick
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH37 Animal Friends Twist
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH38 Animal Friends Stumper
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH39 Animal Friends Snore
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH40 Animal Friends Yawn
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH41 Animal Friends Pointer
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH42 Animal Friends Pester
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH43 Animal Friends Bounder
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH44 Animal Friends Largo
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH45 Animal Friends Cackle
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GLH46 Animal Friends Marisa
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GNY74 Animal Friends Ringlet
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 GNY75 Animal Friends Idyl
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Cheese
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Fondue
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Curdle
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Poise
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Marshy
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Treebody
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Burst
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Swash
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Mop
Reg-31Ass-1F 2020 ??? Animal Friends Flag
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