Doll stockphotography - Playhouse Panda Set I

Playsets have been part of the Enchantimals doll line-up since launch. A playset is defined as any item meant for the dolls to interact with that's their size or bigger. A substantial collection of small items such as the theme packs incorporate is not counted as a playset. Several playsets come with a unique doll.


Playhouse Panda Set

Doll stockphotography - Playhouse Panda Set I Doll stockphotography - Playhouse Panda Set II
  • Release: Mid June, 2017
  • Assortment number: FCG94
  • Model number: FCG94

Big pieces: The main body of the playset consists of 25-30 pieces that together form a house of three rooms, one yard, a balcony, and two figurine-specific areas. The wall parts are pastel yellow, with blue and pink flower print on the lower outer walls, and the roof pieces hot pink. The railing on the balcony is pastel green and each of the three rooms has a unique print of cardboard floor: floral against a white background for the bathroom, black and white checkered for the kitchen, and a floral and bamboo carpet on a wooden floor for the bedroom. On the right of the structure is a blue basket on a branch that serves as an elevator for the figurines. The yard is in the center of the rooms and sports a white two-person swing set hanging from vines from an overarching branch that has a heart-shaped structure on top. The branch connects from one of the rooms to a tree, which itself hosts blue platforms that lead up to an figurine-sized treehouse on top.
Small pieces: The furniture's central theme is duality, as most of it comes in two sizes to fit a doll and a figurine. The bathroom houses two hot pink toilets and two hot purple sinks that share plumbing. For the yard, there's a hot purple chair with a slide to the side so it can be used by either a doll or figurine. The kitchen has the most accessories, all panda-themed, with a hot purple cabinet, two chairs, and a table. The chairs and the table all have a hot pink function area and one pastel green leg. The chair meant for the figurine has a blue tray. The room is finished up with one set of three yellow jars, a yellow bowl of fruit, a blue teapot, and two blue teacups. For the bedroom, there's a bunk bed of which the lower, blue portion is for the doll and the pink basket above is for the pet. The connecting frame between the two layers is pastel green.
Notes: The Playhouse Panda Set comes with an exclusive Prue Panda doll and Nari figurine.

Built for Two

Doll stockphotography - Built for Two I Doll stockphotography - Built for Two II
  • Release: Mid June, 2017
  • Assortment number: FJH11
  • Model number: FCC65

Big pieces: The frame of Taylee's tricycle is aquamarine and decorated in flower forms. The handlebars are covered in more flowers, this time with a touch of yellow. The tires are white and the spokes hot pink and in the shape of petals. Following pink for the pedals and hot pink for the saddle, the last component of the bike is a seat for a figurine right behind the saddle. It consists of a pink eggshell-shaped basket with a hot pink turtle shell-shaped roof above it. This roof can be turned upside down for another seating area if there needs to be room for two figurines or if high is simply preferred over low.
Small pieces: The tricycle comes with two bicycle helmets in the shape of turtle shells: one for a doll and one for a figurine. They're pink and have decoration consisting of pink flowers, yellow flowers, and pink strawberries with yellow calyces on the left side. The straps are also decorated with flowers.
Notes: Built for Two comes with an exclusive Taylee Turtle doll and Bounder figurine.

Fruit Cart

Doll stockphotography - Fruit Cart I Doll stockphotography - Fruit Cart II
  • Release: Mid June, 2017
  • Assortment number: FJH11
  • Model number: FCG93

Big pieces: The Fruit Cart is a wheelbarrow-style cart with an awning decorated with monkey ears. The singular set of wheel are pastel yellow and its axle is pastel green. Most of the cart is hot pink with white showing up in the awning and table and periwinkle being the color of the rack. On the front is a picture of various fruits and a jug of fruit juice against an orange backdrop.
Small pieces: Most accessories are the wares for sale. This includes a hand of bananas, a pineapple, a hot pink fruity drink in a monkey-themed cup, an orange fruity drink in a monkey-themed cup, and a monkey-themed orange beverage dispenser. The final item is an orange basket with flower decoration below the handle.
Notes: The Fruit Cart comes with a Merit Monkey doll and a Compass figurine, which can otherwise only be obtained as part of the Friendship Collection.