Peeki's new mango smoothie turns into such a big hit that Bree and Fanci hit the kitchen to help her keep up with orders.


Bree and Fanci are going over to the Junglewood Café to try out the new smoothie their that is rumored to be mango, which isn't Bree's favorite. They see enchantimals enjoying the smoothies at the café which immediately changes Bree's mind on mango. Peeki is rushing taking orders for the smoothies and shows she is storing the orders in her neck scarf to Fanci and Bree. Peeki asks them to help out by helping Sheeny in the kitchen. Bree and Fanci arrive at the kitchen to see it is stocked with mangos and Twist, Swash, and Kiba play around with them. Sheeny comes out of a pile of mangos and is stressed out, but Bree decides to use an enchantment to put all of the mangos together which cause the ceiling to break and go through the roof. Bree asks what other ingredients are in the smoothie and Sheeny her wheat grass, which Twist turns out to be allergic to. Twist knocks into a cabinet full of wheat grass which made her sneeze so hard the mango ball flew out of the café and into another part of Junglewood. They run over to the spot and is on a hill, and if anyone moves it will roll down. Sheeny bumps into Fanci and one of Sheeny's feathers softly touches the mango ball, making it roll down the hill, and so they chase it around.

Peeki finishes up taking the orders until a girl found a four-leaf clover and saying smoothies for everyone. The girls are exhausted from chasing the mango ball until it rolls over to them, squishing a flower that made Bree very upset, promising to avenge it. They grab bundles of wheat grass to hold up to Twist's nose and she sneezes the mango ball back to the café where it lands on a pointy tree stump, splitting it and letting mango juice out. They use the mango juice to make the smoothies and Peeki goes out to deliver them, but a few wheat grasses fall on Twist's face making her sneeze.


  1. Fanci Flamingo
  2. Swash
  3. Kiba
  4. Peeki Parrot
  5. Sheeny
  6. Bree Bunny
  7. Twist
  8. Merit Monkey
  9. Compass
  10. Sela Sloth
  11. Treebody
  12. Ekaterina Elephant
  13. Antic
  14. Quick-Quick
  15. Larissa Lemur
  16. Ringlet
  17. Background enchantimals


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