Meet the Enchantimals and explore the whimsical world of wonders that they live in.


Felicity tells of her many travels across Everwilde, concluding that as amazing as all the places she's been to are, nothing can beat Wonderwood Village because that's where she and her closest friends live. While Patter and Bree play with their respective companions, Danessa takes over from Felicity's words on the harmonious lifestyle the enchantimals commit to to talk about how in Everwilde honey is provided freely by the bees. She, in turn, is succeeded by Sage, who points out that in Everwilde the crickets play the most beautiful tunes.

The villagers gather for a picnic nearby the gazebo, where Bree asks attention for the birds' help in setting up the event. Lastly, Patter calls for the butterflies to make the experience special. Felicity concludes with an affirmation and expresses hope that the viewer will soon return for more adventures.


  1. Felicity Fox
  2. Flick
  3. Danessa Deer
  4. Sprint
  5. Patter Peacock
  6. Flap
  7. Bree Bunny
  8. Twist
  9. Sage Skunk
  10. Caper
  11. Bren Bear
  12. Snore
  13. Preena Penguin
  14. Jayla




  • This webisode is an introductory video for the fiction's setting. The other five introductory webisodes are for the main characters.