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Patter and Flap proudly sing a duet and show their friendship is pitch-perfect.


Patter and Flap are flying around until they spot the viewer and come forward to introduce themselves. That is, Patter comes forward, while Flap is too shy and hiding behind his own feathers. Patter drags him into view onto a tree stump to serve as his stage. The two like singing together, prompting Patter to encourage Flap to give a demonstration first. He does, showing off a nice low singing voice. Patter goes next, but unlike her companion, her singing voice is a horrible screechy sound that Flap can't help but laugh at. Patter is unaware why he laughs, but not ignorant it's at her and playfully attacks him. Flap retaliates by tickling, which provokes chatter and more amusing screechy sounds from her. This time, it amuses both Flap and herself.


  1. Patter Peacock
  2. Flap



  • Patter's house is shown for the first time.