Felicity and Flick return home from a week of exciting adventures.


Felicity and Flick arrive home following a week away from Wonderwood Village. Although their explorations were fun, they're glad to be back home and invite the viewer to listen to their tales. She recalls how the day started with swimming in the ocean, followed by a trek through and lunch in the desert. While she relays, Flick plays out her impression of the events, which is a little less rose-colored. It's good for a laugh, after which Felicity continues with how they climbed Mellow Mountain and got back down by parachute. In the meantime, Flick climbs up the ceiling, then uses a blanket to land safely in Felicity's arms.


  1. Felicity Fox
  2. Flick



  • Felicity's house is shown for the first time.
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