Danessa and Sprint race to get ready for a dinner party for their friends.


Danessa and Sprint are grocery shopping at Bren's store in preparation for dinner with their friends that evening. They are in a hurry, so Danessa accepts Bren's offer to have a few birds deliver it to her house. As Danessa and Sprint love to run and have their hands free, the duo takes enjoyment from rushing after the birds. However, Sprint's nature to unintentionally cause accidents has him trip straight into the groceries. Danessa is only just fast enough to pick up a bowl and catch the food before it spills on the ground. Conveniently, the impact converts the ingredients into a salad. Felicity and Flick come out of Danessa's house, explaining they came to help her get things set up, and are impressed she already has the salad made. Danessa lets them believe it was on purpose as she attends Sprint, who got a little hurt during the accident.


  1. Danessa Deer
  2. Sprint
  3. Bren Bear
  4. Felicity Fox
  5. Flick



  • Danessa's house is shown for the first time.


  • The bowl that Danessa uses to catch the salad does not exist before she picks it up.