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Mayla Mouse is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character.



Mayla has a cheesy sense of humor that makes Fondue giggle outrageously.


Mayla Mouse has grey skin with black eyebrows, green eyes, whiskers, and pink lips. She has mouse ears and a mouse tail. Mayla wears a molded-on bodice with light pink, dark pink, and blue polka dots on the regular part of the bodice with the rest of the bodice being a white spot with blue furry edges. The front of the white spot has a purple collar and three teal bows down the front that are on pink stripes behind the bows. She wears a skirt with a teal elastic band around the waist. The pattern consists of dark pink and light pink flowers and cheese. The skirt has a scalloped edge. Mayla wears calf-high black fur boots and she wears a cheese wheel in her right ear. A light pink fur stole completes the look.


  • August 30, 2018: Mayla Mouse's listing goes up on Amazon.
  • September 27, 2018: Mayla Mouse's stockphotos go up on Amazon, providing the first look of the character.
  • October 16, 2018: Mayla Mouse becomes available on Amazon.