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Lorna Lamb is a 2017-introduced and all-around character.


Her English voice actress is Patty Mattson.



Lorna is a natural athlete and loves getting involved in anything physical. She also loves to play games, although she can get a little bit over-competitive and enthusiastic.


Lorna has a large fluff of white hair atop her head. Her ears are attached to her head, but in order to make them reach out of her afro, their base is severely elongated. Lorna's skin is pastel yellow, her eyebrows light brown, her eyes brown, her nose black, and her lips salmon. She does not have a tail. The outfit starts with a light green bodice which on the front sports a print of heart-flowers topped off at the collar by a pink trim with a small bow. Her skirt has a pattern of a range of flowers against a purple background, and has a scalloped trim. It is trimmed with soft pink fur. The look is augmented by a hot pink stole. Lorna wears short boots, which are medium brown and in the shape of wool with sheep faces on the noses. A hot orange flower is on her left ear.


  • Mid-June 2017: Lorna Lamb's debut doll is released.
  • May 26, 2018: Lorna Lamb makes her animated debut in The Meltdown.


  • Her prototype doll wore a white bodice and has yellow skin. She did not have the pink stole.