Liora Lion is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character. Her companion is a lion named Snazzy.



Liora is wild about hair and loves to style Snazzy's mane into the purrfect style.


Liora has tan skin with white fur patches on her face and has blue eyes, orange lips, brown eyebrows, and a black nose. She has caramel and pink colored hair that hangs loose around her lion ears and down to her knees. Liora wears a molded-on blue bodice with a triangle and flower pattern on the blue part of the bodice and a geometric pattern on the top of the bodice. Her pink skirt has a blue band and a pattern of blue lion paws, green leaves, and blue, yellow, and orange exotic flowers. The look is augmented by a blue plastic fur stole. She wears big blue platform shoes with lion faces in front of the shoes and fur on top of the shoes with a bow molded into the fur.


  • September 04, 2017: The lion enchantimal's listing goes up on a Amazon Canada.
  • May 15, 2018: Her name was revealed on the official Enchantimals website.
  • Early November, 2018: Liora Lion's debut doll is released.