Peeki's new cafe opening doesn't go as planned when Bree's new flavor-swapping invention malfunctions, and swaps their bodies, instead!


Peeki and Sheeny are preparing for the grand opening of their new café when Bree comes over with a new invention that can swap flavors. Bree demonstrates her invention by putting a jalapeño in one of the invention's ear and a gummy in another. The invention starts to malfunction and ends up switching Peeki's and Bree's bodies instead. Bree (as Peeki) is freaking out stating Larissa will be over any minute to review the café. They hear Larissa's voice outside and she enters into the café. Larissa is surprised at the way Peeki excitedly greets her to the café. Larissa notices something wrong of the two but Bree tries to distract her with cupcakes. Larissa asks what's in the recipe for them is with Peeki having no clue and Bree answering maple syrup. Larissa is suspicious as to how Bree knows what's in Peeki's cupcakes and why Bree sounds different. Bree then tries to distract them again by getting samplers and her and Peeki go over to Twist to see how well the machine's doing.

Sheeny is about to plug it in until Larissa shows up seeing the invention and her and Ringlet try to take the gummy until Sheeny plugs in the machine and switches Ringlet's and Larissa's bodies around. Ringlet (as Larissa) is confused but tries to help by making Larissa (as Ringlet) behave but accidentally gets caught in his antics. Bree and Peeki jump on top of the lemurs to tackle down Larissa which breaks the machine. Peeki gets the idea to join hands and use an enchantment to swap them back to their original bodies. Bree and Peeki are sorry but Larissa is fine as long as they're back to normal, which everything is except Twist's and Ringlet's tails have switched places.


  1. Peeki Parrot
  2. Sheeny
  3. Bree Bunny
  4. Twist
  5. Larissa Lemur
  6. Ringlet



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