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When Bree invents Techno-Tootsies to help Kiba learn the moves for their Flamingo Lake dance, the invention goes haywire and sends Kiba dancing all over Junglewood!


Fanci, Swash, and Kiba are practicing for that night's performance of Flamingo Lake. Bree Bunny visits them to see what they're doing and Kiba falls over the stage with her legs tied up. Bree luckily has brought a new invention of hers called Techno-Tootsies that will help anybody dance better. Twist puts the shoes on Kiba and she instantly dances better until the shoes start to malfunction and sends Kiba off the stage, prompting the others to chase after her. Patter and Flap are walking drinking smoothies until Kiba dance-jumps on them causing the smoothies to splash on their faces. Peeki serves some milkshakes to Larissa and Ringlet until Kiba dances onto the table and knocks the milkshakes to their faces once more. Fanci and Bree arrive to try and stop her by surrounding her but she ends up jumping onto another table. Bree then gets the idea to grab the corners of the tablecloth and to bounce her into the air so Twist can grab her shoes, however the plan fails.

Kiba then dances onto a rock in a river and jumps onto the ground, revealing she is in Wonderwood. Bree shows up with a lasso to try and catch her but fails. Fanci then uses a net to try and catch Kiba but her and Bree ended up landing their lasso and net onto a moose, which begins to run. Preena is serving Sage ice cream until Kiba dances on the truck table. Flick is painting a picture of Felicity until Kiba spins around her and the canvas, changing the look of the painting. Danessa is taking care of two beavers when Kiba suddenly takes Sprint and tangos with him up in a tree. Kiba dances around a pile of vines, with Fanci and Bree catching up. Fanci then gets the idea to use the vines and uses an enchantment on them to make them come to life and tackle Kiba down. Twist and Swash get the shoes off and rush back to the stage. Fanci tells her she can drop out of the performance but Kiba doesn't want to and shows off her new and improved dancing skills. Twist then puts on the shoes and starts dancing, with Bree upset she has to do this all over again.


  1. Bree Bunny
  2. Twist
  3. Fanci Flamingo
  4. Swash
  5. Kiba
  6. Sage Skunk
  7. Caper
  8. Peeki Parrot
  9. Sheeny
  10. Larissa Lemur
  11. Ringlet
  12. Preena Penguin
  13. Jayla
  14. Patter Peacock
  15. Flap
  16. Felicity Fox
  17. Flick
  18. Danessa Deer
  19. Sprint
  20. Beavers



  • The title of the play is a spoof on the fairy tale and ballet Swan Lake.