Figurine stockphotography - Flag

A defining characteristic of Enchantimals dolls is that they all come with one or two figurines representing the respective enchantimals' animal companions. Figurines tend to depict cuteified deformations of animals and are about 1.3 inch high, but exceptions exist.


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Figurines to accompany the dolls goes back to the initial formula of Monster High of 2010. At that time, all characters were assigned and packaged with their pets. The first to break this tradition was C.A. Cupid at the end of 2011 as the start of various cost-cutting measures. Pets and with them figurines were gradually phased out from that point on, if with some attempts to bring them back, notably in 2013 with the introduction of Jane Boolittle. When Ever After High was launched in 2013, the dolls did not come with figurines, but the characters were all said to have pets, opening up the possibility for separate pet-centric toys that came to fruition in 2016 with a series of bobbleheads.

Enchantimals is the first franchise of its lineage to centralize the character-pet combination, bringing figurines back from their retirement. Each doll comes with at least one figurine and two in the case of small theme packs. An upgrade the Enchantimals figurines enjoy compared to their predecessors is that nearly each of them has a part that is not plastic. This can be hair on the head, as in the case of Flag, a furry tail, as in the case of Caper, fuzz around the neck, as is the case with Sprint, or an item of clothing, as is the case with Jayla. Examples of all-plastic figurines are Compass and Bounder.



Figurine Package Release date
Flick Single pack; 2x multipack Mid June
Twist Single pack Mid June
Caper Single pack Mid June
Dab Single pack Mid June
Flag Single pack; 2x multipack Mid June
Flap Single pack; 2x multipack Mid June
Yawn Small theme pack Mid June
Kani Small theme pack Mid June
Swash Small theme pack Mid June
Kiba Small theme pack Mid June
Snore Small theme pack Mid June
Zia Small theme pack Mid June
Mop Large theme pack Mid June
Sprint Large theme pack Mid June
Bounder Small playset Mid June
Compass Small playset Mid June
Nari Large playset Mid June
Pointer Single pack Early October
Quick-Quick Single pack Early October
Sheeny Single pack Early October
Jayla Large playset Mid November
Kira Large playset Mid November
Serafina Large playset Mid November
Stumper Single Pack Mid November
Antic Single pack Early December
Hoofette Single pack Early December
Pawl Single pack Early December
Streusel Small theme pack Early December
Nisha Small theme pack Early December
Cackle Single pack December
Largo Single pack December
Marisa Single pack December
Idyl Small theme pack December
Rypple Small theme pack December
Courtney Small theme pack December
Chela Small theme pack December
Pester Small theme pack December
Romy Small theme pack December



Figurine Package Release date
Swash Single pack Mid June
Ringlet Single pack Mid June
Burst Single pack Mid June
Treebody Small theme pack Mid June
Marshy Small theme pack Mid June
Lake Single pack Mid June
Kitty Single pack Mid June
Compass Large playset Mid June
Sheeny Large playset Mid June
Twist Small playset Early December
Flap Small playset Early December
Cluck Single pack Mid December
Climber Single pack Mid December
Trotter Large playset Mid December
Ricotta Single pack Mid December
Mac Single pack Mid December
Cheese Single pack Mid December


Figurine Package Release date
Sprint Small playset January 01
Flap Multipack January 01
Flick Multipack January 01
Twist Multipack January 01
Streusel Small playset January 01
Nisha Small playset January 01
Mop Large theme pack ???
Slosh Single pack ???
Corn Single pack ???
Butter Single pack ???
Banana Single pack ???

Unnamed figurines

Figurine Package Release date
Baby chick Large playset Mid December
Baby duckling Large playset Mid December
Baby sheep Large playset Mid December
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