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Felicity Fox is a 2017-introduced and all-around character. Her companion is a fox named Flick.


In German, Felicity Fox is voiced by Lina Rabea Mohr. Her English voice actress is Kazumi Evans. But in the Enchantimals: Tale From Everwilde, her voice actor is changed to Kate Higgins.



Though mischevious, she has a bright personality and gets along with her friends quite well. She loves adventuring throughout Everwilde and seeing places she's never seen before.


Felicity has tan skin and a pair of orange and pale gold fox ears. Her orange fox tail is tipped in white. She has large green eyes with light orange and gold markings around them that suit her fox like look. Her long brown hair has a purple hue and is worn in pigtails held with light gold ribbons. Her short bangs are cut evenly and she wears a yellow flower on her ear.

Felicity's normal outfit includes a white blouse with three purple flowers and an orange low cut vest, a pale blue skirt covered with a floral print and bright pink shoes.