Enchanted Everwilde - worldview

Everwilde is the realm where the enchantimals dwell and which they are tasked to protect. It consists of a patchwork of biomes, most of which inhabited. The biomes are connected through a brook that reaches far into every biome.


For the purpose of describing the landscape, assume that the Wonderwood is the center of Everwilde. The Wonderwood is a deciduous forest through which the omnipresent brook flows out into a bay that flows out into the ocean. To the East of it is a desert region with mesas. To the south thereof lies another deciduous forest, which main feature is a volcano. Across from the bay that borders it on the West is an island which harbours a cold climate. The ocean is south of this and is home to a few tropical islands. West of the arctic island, across the bay, is a savannah, this one featuring mesas at the higher grounds up in the north. Further to the north is a jungle region. Any brooks here and in the savannah that reach out to the bay do so by means of a waterfall. East of jungle are the mountains and again East of that is grassland that connects to the aforementioned desert to the south. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde

The Wonderwood houses Wonderwood Village, home to many enchantimals. As well, there's at least one farm located in the north-Western grassland and what appears to be a palace in the north-Eastern jungle. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde One of the mountains is known as Mellow Mountain. Meet Felicity and Flick: Eventful Adventure