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Everwilde is the realm where the enchantimals dwell and which they are tasked to protect. It consists of a patchwork of biomes, most of which inhabited. The biomes are connected through a brook that reaches far into every biome.


For the purpose of describing the landscape, assume that the Wonderwood is the center of Everwilde. The Wonderwood is a deciduous forest through which the omnipresent brook flows out into a bay that flows out into the ocean. To the East of it is a desert region with mesas. To the south thereof lies another deciduous forest, which main feature is a volcano. Across from the bay that borders it on the West is an island which harbours a cold climate. The ocean is south of this and is home to a few tropical islands. West of the arctic island, across the bay, is a savannah, this one featuring mesas at the higher grounds up in the north. Further to the north is a jungle region. Any brooks here and in the savannah that reach out to the bay do so by means of a waterfall. East of jungle are the mountains and again East of that is grassland that connects to the aforementioned desert to the south. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde

The Wonderwood houses Wonderwood Village, home to many enchantimals. As well, there's at least one farm located in the north-Western grassland and what appears to be a palace in the north-Eastern jungle. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde One of the mountains is known as Mellow Mountain. Meet Felicity and Flick: Eventful Adventure

According to the Babbling Brook, the Heart of the World Wood Web, can be found under the ground, they have to find it and restart spring before sundown, or else, Everwilde and everyone in it will cease to exist. Spring into Harvest Hills


Stared (*) locations have known inhabitants.