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Quotation start.png "Together, these lovable characters work to create balance, peace and harmony among all living things. Somewhere between human and animal, each doll shares a ritual with her animal friend that celebrates their unique traits and personalities." Quotation end.png
Mattel product description.
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Enchantimals are inhabitants of the world of Everwilde. They are humanoid beings with animal characteristics such as ears and tails, who are bonded with a matching animal through an unspecified ritual. Some enchantimals even have two companions.


The enchantimals are described as having been "created", though the exact meaning of that choice of word, whether it's literal or philosophical, has yet to be explained. A substantial portion of the enchantimals have made their home in Wonderwood Village in the Wonderwood section of Everwilde. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde 


The enchantimals usually have powers that resemble the animals their based off of. For example Patter, who represents peacocks, can fly. and Bree, who represents bunnies, can jump high. Enchantimals  can also do enchantments using plants and natural elements. According to Patter, enchantimals can't use their powers for selfish purposes. 


The rituals are usually implied, instead of being told directly. The rituals is usually a common interaction between a n enchantimal and bestie. 

Possible Rituals

Felicity and Flick- Wiggling ears 

Bree and Twist- Hopping  

Patter and flap-singing 

Sage and caper- touching tails 

Danessa and Sprint-  touching alters