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Among the promotional material Mattel produces to bring attention to the Enchantimals dolls, the most prominent product is the animated Enchantimals cartoon series. Released as a mix of webisodes and TV specials. The cartoon is the primary medium through which the characters are brought to the audience's attention. The production is in the hands of Kickstart Productions, while Aaron Symonds provided the music. Webisodes are uploaded to the Enchantimals YouTube channel and the video portion of the Enchantimals website.


On July 20, 2017, Mattel uploaded six "Meet [X]" webisodes; one for Everwilde, the other five for the main cast. A 60-min TV special to start the story is set to air soon.

  1. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde
  2. Meet Felicity and Flick: Eventful Adventure
  3. Meet Bree and Twist: Sandwich Smackdown
  4. Meet Patter and Flap: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
  5. Meet Sage and Caper: Skunksters!
  6. Meet Danessa and Sprint: Running Late

Wildly Whimsical Tales

  1. Picture Perfect
  2. Look Closer
  3. Green Tongue, Blue Tongue
  4. Too Many Leaves
  5. Fashion Flap
  6. The Meltdown
  7. Sing a Little Song Of Love

Wonderwood Stories

  1. Binky Bop
  2. Bopcorned
  3. A Glampin We Will Go
  4. A-Mazed
  5. Rocket-Fueled
  6. Speedy Squared

Tales From Everwilde Season 1

  1. There's Gotta Be A Better Way
  2. Danessa Deerest
  3. Flick's Big Secret
  4. Dozens of Cousins
  5. A Skunky Nose
  6. Sleepover
  7. Tale of the Always Frozen Ice Cream
  8. Kitchen Chaos
  9. A Little Extra Zazz!
  10. Best Adventure
  11. Savanna Banana
  12. Tuzifruit Time
  13. Party Troopers
  14. The Case of the Missing Antlers
  15. New Neighbors
  16. Sheepless in Wonderwood
  17. Just Bear-ly Asleep
  18. Flick and the Festival of Ice
  19. Brought the Farm
  20. Jumpin' Junglewood
  21. Relax and Recharge
  22. Welcome to Wonderwood
  23. All the Wood's a Stage
  24. Sneaky Sniffles
  25. The Mysterious Disappearance of the Babbling Brook
  26. Peacock Puzzles

Tales From Everwilde Season 2

  1. Wild Wild River
  2. Beauty Botch-Up
  3. Tamika's Surprise
  4. Battle Of The Branches
  5. Fast Break
  6. Nothing To Sneeze At
  7. If I Were You
  8. Never Tango with Mangos
  9. A Prank Too Far
  10. Flamingo Lake
  11. Jungle Berry
  12. Unfun Run
  13. Craft Fair Scare

Sunny Savanna Sparkle Spectacular

  1. Savanna Slumber Party
  2. Enchanted Pool Party
  3. Magic Sparkle Garden
  4. DIY Glitter Fashion Contraption
  5. DIY Rainbow Hair Flair
  6. Sing and Sparkle to the Beat
  7. Sparkle Party Planning Fun
  8. The Rainbow Necklace
  9. Sparkle Spectacular Festival

The Royal Enchantimals

The Royal Enchantment Story

  1. The Official Castle Tour & New ROYAL FRIENDS!
  2. Gemstones and Royal Challenges!
  3. Rainbow Domes and Royal Tea Parties!
  4. Decorating for the Royal Enchantment PARTY!
  5. The Missing QUEEN & Royal Looking Glass to Wonderwood!

A Royal Rescue

NOTE: Also see TV specials.

  1. A Royal Rescue Part 1
  2. A Royal Rescue Part 2
  3. A Royal Rescue Part 3
  4. A Royal Rescue Part 4
  5. A Royal Rescue Part 5

The Royal Isle Ball

  1. Enchantment Extravaganza & EMERGENCY!!
  2. A Very Royal Trick! Felicity and Fabrina Switch Places!
  3. A Ballet Fashion Feud & A Very Royal Fashion Show
  4. Sparkle Tiara Travel Enchantments!
  5. Disco Balls & Royal Balls!

TV Specials

  1. Finding Home (2017)
  2. Spring into Harvest Hills (2020)
  3. Secrets of Snowy Valley (2020)
  4. A Royal Rescue (2021)