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Logo - Enchantimals
Logo - Enchantimals

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Enchantimals is a brand that revolves around dolls, playsets, and alike. There have been three waves of the line so far, with more coming.


The dolls come in three sizes, 15.2 cm or 6 inch, 30cm or 11 inch, and 5.08cm or 2 inch. Articulation is limited to the neck, shoulders, and hips, although the playset dolls have articulated knees. They have molded on tops and fur, but their shoes, skirts, and most headwear can be removed.

Each doll is designed to evoke an animal and with the current exception of Bree Bunny, Blyss Bunny, and Fluffy Bunny each animal is represented by only one character. Details to get the animal look across include molded or fur tails, molded ears, skin color, and paint details on the face. Tails are attached to the back rather than lower to make swapping skirts easier. A curious design element is that even though the dolls have molded animal ears atop their heads, they still have human ears on the sides.


Enchantimals employs a new mold that appears to take inspiration from Mattel's Chelsea mold, which is 1.2 cm or 0.5 inch shorter as well as a little more bulky than the Enchantimals mold. The other source of inspiration are the pixies of Ever After High, of which were released from Mid December, 2015 to Early June, 2016 as a consequence of Ever After High being faded out. Pixies were a low budget addition to the Ever After High lineup, being 20,3 cm or 8 inch high and minimally articulated when the smallest mold prior was 24.5 cm or 9.6 inch and highly articulated. Pixies, like enchantimals, are humanoid beings with animal characteristics. Based on the existence of a "Pixie World" trademark, they were presumably supposed to be the next focus of the world of Ever After. Instead, the concept was recycled into Enchantimals.


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