Clarita Clownfish is a 2017-introduced and toy-only character. Her companion is a clownfish named Cackle.



Clarita knows the coral reefs better than any of the other Enchantimals.


Clarita has light yellow skin with hazel eyes, pink lips, brown eyebrows, and orange and white eyeshadow with pink and blue dots underneath and on top of her eyebrows. She has pink hair that can color change into brown hair surrounds her clownfish ears down to her waist. She has no tail. Clarita wears a bodice with white straps with orange and white stripes on the bodice with a scale pattern on it to look like fish scales. Her skirt is pink with a red band with light pink and orange sea flowers for a pattern. The train on her skirt also has the same pattern as the regular skirt. She wears orange shoes with clownfish faces on the noses and fins on the back of the shoes. She has orange fins on her wrists. 


  • December 2017: Clarita Clownfish's debut doll is released.