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  • The Main Characters - The main group of characters for the franchise, these are the most-featured characters in the franchise fiction-wise and doll-wise.
  • Enchantimals - These are the other Enchantimals in the world of Everwilde.

All characters within a section are listed alphabetically.

The Main Characters

Bree Bunny

Icon - Bree Bunny
Bree Bunny is a bunny enchantimal. She is creative and is always full of new ideas. Often crafting and working on new inventions, they take up most of her day. Her companion is a bunny named Twist.

Danessa Deer

Icon - Danessa Deer
Danessa Deer is the deer enchantimal. She is shy and timid but big at heart. She loves to race around the woods with her bestie to see who's the fastest. Her companion is a deer named Sprint.

Felicity Fox

Icon - Felicity Fox
Felicity Fox is the fox enchantimal. Due to her fox traits, she can be mischievous but is friendly with a bright personality and loves to go explore around Everwilde, especially to places she's never seen before. Her companion is a fox named Flick.

Patter Peacock

Icon - Patter Peacock
Patter Peacock is the peacock enchantimal. She is chatty and confident, and loves fashion. But when she gets nervous she burst into a horrible screechy tune. Her companion is a peacock named Flap.

Sage Skunk

Icon - Sage Skunk
Sage Skunk is the skunk enchantimal. She loves to prank others and is funny and optimistic. When she isn't planning pranks, she makes new songs with her bestie. Her companion is a skunk named Caper.


Andie Alligator

Andie Alligator is the alligator enchantimal.

Baxi Butterfly

Icon - Baxi Butterfly
Baxi Butterfly is the butterfly enchantimal. Her companion is a butterfly named Wingrid.

Beetrice Bee

Icon - Beetrice Bee
Beetrice Bee is the bee enchantimal. Her companion is a bee named Pollen.

Blyss Bunny

Icon - Blyss Bunny
Blyss Bunny is the bunny enchantimal. Her companion is a bunny named Oatsy.

Bren Bear

Icon - Bren Bear
Bren Bear is the bear enchantimal. She listens to others and can keep a secret for anyone. She also runs a convenience store in Wonderwood Village. Her companions are two bears named Snore and Zia.

Cailey Cow

Icon - Cailey Cow
Cailey Cow is the cow enchantimal. She is a trend setter and loves to shake things up. Her companion is a cow named Curdle.

Cameo Crab

Icon - Cameo Crab
Cameo Crab is the crab enchantimal. She has an optimistic nature that makes her anything but crabby. Her companions are two crabs named Chela and Courtney

Cay Caterpillar

Icon - Cay Caterpillar
Cay Caterpillar is the caterpillar enchantimal. Her companion is a caterpillar named Scriggly.

Cherish Cheetah

Icon - Cherish Cheetah
Cherish Cheetah is the cheetah enchantimal. She loves to play tag with her bestie and they both love to be "it". When she's not playing tag, she can usually be spotted enjoying a nap in some sunny place. Her companion is a cheetah named Quick-Quick.

Clarita Clownfish

Icon - Clarita Clownfish
Clarita Clownfish is the clownfish enchantimal. She knows the coral reefs better than any of the other enchantimals. Her companion is a clownfish named Cackle.

Dara Dragonfly

Icon - Dara Dragonfly
Dara Dragonfly is the dragonfly enchantimal. Her companion is a dragonfly named Swift.

Dolce Dolphin

Icon - Dolce Dolphin
Dolce Dolphin is the dolphin enchantimal. she and Largo always ride the biggest waves when the tide is up. Her companion is a dolphin named Largo.

Ekaterina Elephant

Icon - Ekaterina Elephant
Ekaterina Elephant is the elephant enchantimal. She and Antic never forget anything, whether it be a friend or a random face. Her companion is an elephant named Antic.

Fanci Flamingo

Icon - Fanci Flamingo
Fanci Flamingo is the flamingo enchantimal. She is single-minded and self-assured, but quick-witted. She also throws the best parties. Her companions are two flamingos named Swash and Kiba.

Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny is a bunny enchantimal. She loves working in her garden and surprising her friends with fresh vegetables and flowers.

Gillian Giraffe

Icon - Gillian Giraffe
Gillian Giraffe is the giraffe enchantimal. She owns an apple orchard she can reach. Her companion is a giraffe named Pawl.

Hedda Hippo

Hedda Hippo is the hippo enchantimal. Her companion is a hippo named Lake.

Hixby Hedgehog

Icon - Hixby Hedgehog
Hixby Hedgehog is the hedgehog enchantimal. He loves to curl up into balls and roll down grassy hills. His companion is a hedgehog named Pointer.

Jessa Jellyfish

Icon - Jessa Jellyfish
Jessa Jellyfish is the jellyfish enchantimal. Her companion is a jellyfish named Marisa.

Karina Koala

Icon - Karina Koala
Karina Koala is the koala enchantimal. Her companion is a koala named Dab.

Ladelia Ladybug

Icon - Ladelia Ladybug
Ladelia Ladybug is the ladybug enchantimal. Her companion is a ladybug named Vine.

Larissa Lemur

Larissa Lemur is the lemur enchantimal.

Liora Lion

Icon - Liora Lion
Liora Lion is the lion enchantimal. Her companion is a lion named Snazzy.

Lluella Llama

Lluella Llama is the llama enchantimal.

Lorna Lamb

Icon - Lorna Lamb
Lorna Lamb is the lamb enchantimal. Her companion is a lamb named Flag.

Mayla Mouse

Mayla Mouse is the mouse enchantimal.

Merit Monkey

Icon - Merit Monkey
Merit Monkey is the monkey enchantimal. Her companion is a monkey named Compass.

Ohana Owl

Icon - Ohana Owl
Ohana Owl is the owl enchantimal. Her companions are two owls named Yawn and Kani.

Pawbry Polar Bear

Icon - Pawbry Polar Bear
Pawbry Polar Bear is the polar bear enchantimal.Her companion is a polar bear named Melt.

Peeki Parrot

Icon - Peeki Parrot
Peeki Parrot is the parrot enchantimal. Her companion is a parrot named Sheeny.

Petya Pig

Icon - Petya Pig
Petya Pig is the pig enchantimal. Her companions are two pigs named Streusel and Nisha.

Preena Penguin

Icon - Preena Penguin
Preena Penguin is the penguin enchantimal. Her companion is a penguin named Jayla.

Prue Panda

Icon - Prue Panda
Prue Panda is the panda enchantimal. She knows secrets in the forest that no one else knows, but she tends to speak riddles that makes it difficult to understand her. Her companion is a panda named Nari.

Raelin Raccoon

Icon - Raelin Raccoon
Raelin Raccoon is the raccoon enchantimal. She loves camping and spending time outdoors and knows all the best spots in nature. Her companions are two raccoons named Romy and Pester.

Saffi Swan

Icon - Saffi Swan
Saffi Swan is the swan enchantimal. Her companion is a swan named Poise.

Sancha Squirrel

Icon - Sancha Squirrel
Sancha Squirrel is the squirrel enchantimal. She knows every tree in the forest and treats them like friends. Her and Stumper love racing to get the most acorns fallen from the trees when the wind blows hard. Her companion is a squirrel named Stumper.

Sandella Seahorse

Icon - Sandella Seahorse
Sandella Seahorse is the seahorse enchantimal. Sandella, Serafina, and Kira love riding their seahorse-drawn carriage under the sea. Her companions are two seahorses named Kira and Serafina.

Saxon Snail

Icon - Saxon Snail
Saxon Snail is the snail enchantimal. Her companion is a snail named Dawdle.

Sela Sloth

Sela Sloth is the sloth enchantimal.

Starling Starfish

Icon - Starling Starfish
Starling Starfish is the starfish enchantimal. She loves to perform and has a stage under the sea. Her companions are two starfishes named Idyl and Rypple.

Taylee Turtle

Icon - Taylee Turtle
Taylee Turtle is the turtle enchantimal. Her companion is a turtle named Bounder.

Tadley Tiger

Tadley Tiger is the tiger enchantimal.

Tamika Tree Frog

Tamika Tree Frog is the tree frog enchantimal.

Tanzie Tiger

Icon - Tanzie Tiger
Tanzie Tiger is the tiger enchantimal. She loves playing hide and seek with Tuft in the woods, but their personalities make them stand out at parties. She also loves a good cat nap. Her companion is a tiger named Tuft.

Winsley Wolf

Icon - Winsley Wolf
Winsley Wolf is the wolf enchantimal. She is calm, quiet, and observant of the world around her. Winsley loves astronomy and howling at the moon. Her companion is a wolf named Trooper.

Zelena Zebra

Icon - Zelena Zebra
Zelena Zebra is the zebra enchantimal. She and Hoofette love to sketch the beauties of nature together. Her companion is a zebra named Hoofette.
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