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Cameo Crab is a 2017-introduced and toy-only character.



Cameo has a sunny disposition and optimistic nature which makes her anything but crabby.


Cameo has peach-colored skin with blue eyes, pink lips, and red eyebrows. She wears red and blue makeup around her eyes and eyebrows. Her red hair is pulled back around her antennae and down to her knees. Cameo wears a molded-on bodice with a yellow collar and a red corset. The bodice has a lacey pattern. There is a blue coral design down the red corset with pink pearls down the middle of the coral and trimming the top of the red corset. Her pencil skirt is light pink a pattern of corals, bubbles, shells, and pearls all in colors of red, yellow, and blue. Cameo wears red wedges with crab faces on the noses. She wears a red belt with crab legs on them.


  • September 20, 2017: Stockphotos are added to Amazon's page for the coach playset, of which one provides the revelation that there is a crab enchantimal.
  • December 2017: Cameo Crab's debut doll is released.