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Cailey Cow is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character.




Cailey Cow has pale yellow skin with brown eyebrows, brown eyes, a pink nose, and magenta lips. She has two brown cow spots on her face: one over her right eye and one on her left cheek. She has brown hair that is tied into two pigtails with bangs swept to the right side. She has cow ears and a cow tail. Cailey wears a light pink bodice with magenta polka-dots on it. There is a magenta cowboy vest over the bodice with white stitching details and two yellow buttons on it. There is a yellow bow and a blue cowbell at the collar of the bodice. Her skirt is light blue with a dark blue elastic band around the waist. The skirt pattern consists of orange cow spots and white daisies. Cailey wears magenta cowboy boots and wears a white daisy in her right ear.


  • August 30, 2018: Cailey Cow's listing goes up on Amazon.
  • September 27, 2018: Cailey Cow's stockphotos go up on Amazon, providing the first look of the character.