Bren Bear is a 2017-introduced and all-around character. Her companions are two bears named Snore and Zia.


Her voice actress is Rebecca Shoichet. In Enchantimals: Tales From Everwilde, she is voiced by Rachel Butera.



Bren is a powerful listener—you can tell her anything, and she'll always stop what she's doing to lend a sympathetic ear, and no matter what you tell her, you can guarantee that she'll keep it to herself—because when it comes to keeping secrets: Bren is the best.


Bren Bear has almond skin with a brown nose and freckles. She has brown eyebrows, blue eyes, and pink lips. She has brown hair that parts above the left eye surrounding her bear ears and down to her waist. She has no tail. She has a blue gingham patterned dress with a blue band around the waste with yellow and pink flowers on the dress. Her look is augmented with a light brown fur stole. She has brown shoes with bear faces in the noses. She has a pink bandana wrapped around her head.


  • Timeline, 2017: Bren Bear's listing goes up on Amazon, providing the first look at the character.
  • Mid June, 2017: Bren Bear's debut doll is released.
  • July 20, 2017: Bren Bear makes her animated debut in "Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde".