The American International Toy Fair, commonly refered to as simply Toy Fair, is a major annual event by the Toy Industry Association which offers toy companies a platform to show off their current and future products to peers and the press. The event takes place mid February in the Toy Center in New York City and is not open to the public.

Mattel is a regular at Toy Fair. The company first featured their Enchantimals line-up at Toy Fair 2017, which also was the franchise's public debut.


Logo - Toy Fair 2017

Following its announcement on October 12, 2016, Enchantimals was properly introduced to the public during Toy Fair 2017. It had a modest stand consisting of one screen, one central table with all first wave single pack and playset doll merchandise, and one table with other merchandise to the side of it.[1] Consistent with the display, its place in Mattel's presentation held for the investors, customers, and media was limited, being acknowledged more than explained.

Date February 18-21
New display Playhouse Panda Set w/ Prue Panda, Built for Two w/ Taylee Turtle, Fruit Cart w/ Merit Monkey, Patter Peacock, Bree Bunny, Sage Skunk, Felicity Fox, Lorna Lamb, Karina Koala
Old display None
Merch display Headbands: Felicity Fox & Patter Peacock
Fake tails: Patter Peacock & Sage Skunk
Plushies: Flick (two versions)
Make-up: Felicity Fox & Patter Peacock


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