Sage and Caper come down with colds and can't smell a thing right before the big Nosefest Competition.


Sage and Caper are making a new perfume for Wonderwood's Aromafest. However, they come down with a bad cold on the day of Aromafest and are constantly sneezing. They then decide to go visit their friends to see what they will be doing that day. Patter and Flap have made hats for the festival with pig snouts on the top. Sage and Caper visit in which Patter comments they sound funny. They sneeze on Patter and Flap sending them across the room. They then visit Bree and Twist next where they are making "snout cookies". Sage sneezes on the cookies where they land on Bree's face and Caper sneezes on a bowl containing the dough onto Twist's head. Felicity is trying to figure out what to paint for Aromafest while Flick finishes a painting of a fox snout. Sage enters asking if she's ready with Felicity noticing that they have the cold, and takes them back to their house.

Danessa and Sprint are taking care of the skunks back at their house telling them to stay in bed. Sage sneezes and the perfume that was in her hand flies out and hits the door, destroying the bottle. Sage freaks out when Danessa tells her she can't even smell. Sage insists she can smell fine and Danessa tests her by having an item in each of her hands. Sage smelled wrong and is sad she can't participate in Aromafest. felicity then gets the idea to get the other enchantimals to help her make a new perfume. The "ingredients" are brought in along with the perfume-making machine. Felicity and Flick fail to make a good perfume after multiple events. Bree, Patter and Danessa come in with Bree bringing in vegetables and fruits, Patter a feather and Danessa ointment. The scent of the perfume now smells good and they plan to complete it with an enchantment. The perfume is finalized and Sage and Caper's cold is cured after taking a sniff of it. They hear a trumpet signalizing Aromafest is here. The others leave except for Felicity and Flick saddened she didn't come up with any ideas for Aromafest, but Sage cheers her up pointing out that she lead the perfume-making process and if she didn't include the enchantment Sage and Caper would still have their colds.

At Aromafest, Sage wins first prize for the perfume, which she calls "Friends Helping Friends Perfume". The other enchantimals seem to have gone down with a cold too, and Caper sprays the perfume at them.


  1. Bree Bunny
  2. Twist
  3. Felicity Fox
  4. Flick
  5. Sage Skunk
  6. Caper
  7. Patter Peacock
  8. Flap
  9. Danessa Deer
  10. Sprint
  11. Lorna Lamb



  • The YouTube description erroneously calls the Aromafest "Nosefest".
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